LH Gamble Company takes pride in having a great team of associates dedicated to supporting our clients and customers in the Hawaii Food Industry


Craig Gamble
Food Service VIce President

Account Executive with L. H. Gamble Company for 11 years.

Previous sales experience as a Territory Manager for 2 ½ years with Hormel Foodservice in Northern and Southern California.

Sales responsibilities for Hormel Foodservice included U.S. Foodservice.

B.S. degree in Finance from Pepperdine University. 

Account Executive for Hormel, Smucker’s, Jennie-O, and Morton Salt.

Distributor Responsibility for Hansen Distribution Group, Rocky Road, Warabeya (Tokyo Bento), and Higa Meat.

Account Executive

Account Executive with L.H. Gamble for 8 years. 

Extensive experience in distributor sales management: Hansen DSR for 10 years and VP Sales for 8 years; Y. Hata Director of Sales &     Marketing for 2 years. Received DSR of the Month Award from ID Magazine and recognition as a top sales representative by the Hawaii     Branch of Sales & Marketing Executives (SME).

Account Executive for Dole, Campbell’s, Pepsico Foodservice, Red Gold, Tampa Maid, and Del Monte.

Distributor Responsibility forY. Hata & Co., Y. Hata Hilo, KOA Trading (Y.Hata), Triple F Distributing, and Shimaya.

Ron Young
Account Executive

Account Executive with L. H. Gamble Company for 5 years.     

Beverage Department Director at the Kahala Hilton and most recently Kitchen Manager and Chef for several Times Supermarket     stores.

Former Owner of Won Ton & Things. developing, selling and marketingfrozen appetizers to the foodservice & deli trade.

Account Executive for General Mills Pillsbury, Windsor/Amoy, Azar Nut, Wholesome Harvest, and Signature Breads.

Distributor Responsibility for H&W/Palama, Great West, Malolo and Kauai Producers.


Account Executive

Neighbor Island Sales Representative for L.H. Gamble for 9 years.

Extensive experience for 26 years selling the foodservice industry as a Big Island distributor sales representative with Hawaii Paper Products. Six years Food & Beverage management positions at various Big Island Hotels. Past Chairman for the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and sponsor of A Taste of Hilo event.

Account Executive for Durable Packaging and J&J Snacks.

Primary distributor Responsibility for Suisan, VIP Foodservice, and Hilo Rice Mill. Assistance with other Big Island Distributors. Operator responsibility for all Big Island and Maui restaurants, hotels, healthcare, and KTA service deli.


Sheri cho
Account Executive

Account Executive with L. H. Gamble Company for one year. Has extensive sales and account management experience in Hawaii foodservice sales as a food broker Account Executive for ten years.

Graduated from University of Hawaii with a B.A. degree.

Account Executive for Hormel Health Labs/Diamond Crystal, Custom Culinary, Anco Cheese, and Cheesecake Bakery.

Distributor Responsibility for King Foodservice and Edsung Foodservice. 


Account Executive

New Account Executive with L. H. Gamble Company.  Previously worked as a restaurant manager at Eggs N Things.  He was responsible for opening and operating up one of their units.

Robby worked as a banquet manager for the Kahala Mandarin where he handled event planning, staffing, for banquet events.

Account Executive responsibility forAdvance Pierre, Girard’s, Mondelez, Hershey’s, Bunge, and National Pasteurized Eggs.

Primary distributor responsibility are HFM Foodservice (all Islands). Malolo Beverages, Premium, Also operator sales and business development.


Account Executive

New Account Executive with L. H. Gamble Company.  Previously she worked on the L.H. Gamble Admin side.

Account Executive responsibility for Mondelez, Hershey’s, and National Pasteurized Eggs.

Currently no distributor responsibility. Her focus will be as an operator specialist.