Spam Jam Waikiki Festival

This Week: Spam Jam '18

There's no such thing as too much SPAM® Classic in Hawaii! The signature sizzle and tantalizing aroma of the state's beloved food will fill the air at the 16th Annual Waikiki SPAM JAM® Festival presented by Outrigger Resorts on April 28. Hawaii's largest street festival is a testament to the Aloha State's vibrant SPAM® brand-loving community and will take over the streets of bustling Kalakaua Ave. with unique and delicious SPAM® creations and traditional Hawaiian entertainment, gathering more than 30,000 SPAM® devotees and visitors from around the world.

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MidWeek Hoagy Gamble

Midweek: Hoagy Gamble

In 1946, Hoagy Gamble was born in Hawaii. And if you ask him, he’s been eating SPAM, eggs and rice for just as long.

“From pretty much day one,” he says.

This should come as no surprise to those familiar with Gamble. Since 1950, L.H. Gamble Co. has represented Hormel Food Corporation in the Islands, handling the multinational manufacturer’s sales and marketing in the state.

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